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Simplifying health and nutrition that build better lifestyles.

Let’s get you to where you want to be. Let’s get you back to your best self.

Has the Time Come To End Your Obesity Once And For All? Your resolve is your own resolve. Our courses are the equipment that put that determination on track without overtaking your life. Our programs help motivated individuals acquire and put to use the science, information, and encouragement necessary to conquer weight loss. Saturday Morning Diet eCourses provide lifestyle and dieting strategies that are clear and insightful while dispelling false or dishonest magic methods. Saturday Morning Diet takes pride in our mission to help people lose weight and conquer the everlasting battle of living a balanced and liberated lifestyle.

Saturday Morning Diet

Saturday Morning Diet Silver Packages

The Silver Package: Our most popular package. It includes everything from the Bronze Package, so five ebooks circling information from nutrition and health to workout regimens and weight loss tips— plus, three more ebooks that focus on lifestyle, psychology, and metabolism. Our ebooks are designed carefully. Each is curated with expert information from reliable sources gathered by our authors to explain the concepts in a deep and clear way. Our aim is to show our weight loss programs not as a bag of methods and tricks, but as an organic, nuanced system that reinforces the basic workings of anatomy, desire, motivation, and what it means to be “living well.” The silver package also includes the course in audio format, because as we know, lifestyle changes don’t happen overnight. We’ve crafted and formatted the course into audio so you can take it anywhere—further strengthening your relationship with the material. Paired with reading, audiobooks can powerfully induce learning and the motivation needed to continue working hard, caring, and loving yourself enough to make a change. Additional guided meditations are included in the silver package to prepare users for the mindfulness of weight loss and mentality necessary to reach your goals.


About Saturday Morning Diet and eCourses

Interested in a comfortable, straightforward method to lose weight and shed unwanted fat and still feel lively and at ease about your body?

While most diets and eCourses would say you have to work hard for those results, the Saturday Morning Diet plan is here to set things straight! You can now enjoy easier weight loss through a powerful, cutting-edge new plan.

My Struggle with Obesity

When you walk into your doctor’s office and she solemnly notifies you that you’re obese, you’d normally feel at least taken aback and a little shocked. In my case, however, what was really frightening was seeing the look of defeat on her face, knowing that she had no “magic pill” to offer to make it all better.

Unfortunately, bypass gastric surgery wasn’t an option since the insurance company wanted me to get on a supervised weight loss program for at least six months before they agreed to pay for it.

Going from bad to worse, I ended up having to pay a shocking $300 for a month’s supply of “special” food I had to eat every 2-3 hours, as part of the weight loss program. This solution was part of a Medifast diet that wasn’t even regulated or suggested by a specialized doctor. It was, instead, given to me by a Medifast health consultant, and it did little more besides draining my wallet. The consultant cheerfully said that $300 per month is “only” $10 a day, but that amount could feed a whole family – as my wife, Joan, pointed out.   But then I had a simple realization that soon changed everything!

The Initial Inspiration – Time for a Change!

100-calorie meals once every 2-3 hours weren’t very fun, but they did seem to do the trick. Even though I was constantly feeling hungry and drained of energy, the Medifast diet was working.   What I soon realized, however, was that it had nothing to do with the “special” foods and ingredients of the diet, but simply with the caloric intake and the regular, short meals.   As Joan and I spent countless hours researching ketogenic diet solutions and effective meal replacement plans and learning about how the actual process of burning fat and losing weight works, we found out a great deal.   I learned why obesity is a disease, and how its actual source is the food industry and the FDA’s irresponsible and unhealthy way of regulating food. I also learned about ketogenic dieting plans and how low carb recipes can push the body into starting to burn up its excess fat reserves.   This is when I realized the truth.

There HAD to be an easier way!  

There HAD to be a less expensive way!  

There had to be a quick set of techniques for weight loss, naturally influencing the body into regulating its own healthy fat burning processes.

How the Saturday Morning Diet eCourse Was Born

I was right! And that was what sparked the inception of what would become the highly effective and powerful Saturday Morning Diet eCourse.

First off, we realized there was a simple, creative and ingenious method that could do it all: 

  1. Use a ketogenic diet meal plan to keep me properly fed and give me the nutrients my body needed on a daily basis;
  2. Induce and accelerate the fat burning process in a simple and balanced way;
  3. Prevent hunger and discomfort using carefully chosen ketogenic diet foods;
  4. Keep my blood sugar level at an ideal, balanced level;
  5. Use the proper intake of water to further trigger the fat release process;

Allow the use of delicious, natural and healthy meals that work wonders for weight loss – fast results guaranteed.

This was also the time we discovered the “Joan Bar”. Joan Bars are simple, delicious meal replacement bars made using oatmeal and protein, as well as a few key ingredients to add flavor and vitamins. We designed them to help me prevent hunger and avoid the unhealthy eating habits that got me to a weight of over 270 lbs. in the first place.

With the right quantity of water, the Joan Bar literally did wonders, and I found my fat was just falling away on its own.

I knew we were on the right track!  

The next step was to create the “Feedbag” – an extremely useful method to prevent me from getting hungry when I didn’t have the proper supply of water and Joan Bars.

As we continued to experiment, we found – through a process of trial and error – how slightly changing the recipe improved or hindered the weight loss process, and how simple actions, such as adding half a teaspoon of cinnamon, could help keep my blood sugar under control for the rest of the day.

Documenting all this was intensive work, but it paid off! The Saturday Morning Diet eCourse is based on the crucial information we have obtained both through research and practical observation.

Now you have a clear guideline; a useful set of weight loss tips based on real, concrete results and natural, easy to apply methods that you can try for yourself. But that’s not all.

Understanding Your Body and the Science of Losing Weight

Did you know that fat is actually eliminated through urine, and not in solid form, as it leaves your body? How much do you know about low GI (Glycemic Index) foods and what an amazing impact their slower absorption rate can have on many key body functions associated with weight loss, quick fat burning and faster metabolism?

As you begin to explore the many resources and tools offered in the Saturday Morning eCourse, you will find the precise answers to these questions and many others. But what’s truly shocking is they will definitely not be what you expect!

Once you begin to realize some of the rules about the way your body works that your doctor never told you about, you will also see how:  

  • Obesity is a disease, and it CAN be countered; You can make your own meal replacement bars and “feedbags” for rapid weight loss that work 100% of the time;
  • You don’t ever have to be the victim of yo-yo diets and inconsistent weight loss again;
  • A low carb diet can do wonders for enhancing your weight loss, exercise and fat burning plan;
  • Consuming fat is NOT bad for weight loss;
  • Using fat and low carb foods properly can even accelerate the process;
  • Insulin plays a vital role in regulating the storage of fat;
  • The body uses the vital energy provided in low GI foods very differently, with unexpected results.         

All this and more will become apparent once you go through the main areas of our practical low carb weight loss program.

Now you can test our product for two months with NO RISK!

If you think that our product is useless for you, simply contact our support, and will return 100% of your money. No Question Asked!

Bill & Joan Loganeski

We are so proud to offer what we have learned in our personal struggles with weight loss. It will not happen overnight and you must make a sincere effort on your part, the diet will do the rest.

Bill & Joan Loganeski